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How drones are changing the way we buy and sell property

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How drones are changing the way we buy and sell property

In a world where you can jump into and view any street in the country online, and where you can soar over images of our towns and cities, it is perhaps strange that estate agents have only recently harnessed one particular piece of technology to sell homes – the drone.


Now elevated photos and videos are so cheap to produce, they are not restricted to the agents selling the largest and most expensive houses. “We are yet to find a better way of showing a house in its setting than by using a drone,” explains Ben Marchbank of Bedford's estate agency in Norfolk.


To read the full story, click here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/drones-changing-way-buy-sell-repair-property/

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Difficult to do in a densely populated area I guess, but perhaps that will become easier over time regarding drone legislation. Does anyone feel like or has noticed that there are other technology disruptions in the selling of properties, e.g using machine learning?

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