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What to do before I start investing: New investor advice, please?

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Hi, my name is Stephen
I'm 22 and live in the Midlands.
I've recently (last month or so) have been looking into property investing. 
I have next to no experience or knowledge or Captial. so it's looking to be a good few years before I can do anything.
in the time while I think of ways to make the Captial to start. that gives me lots of time to Learn as much as I can.  this is what brings me here. 
been listening to the podcast and love it! 
(any help is greatly appreciated)  
I plan to be a good active member on here not that I can offer much I'll try my best! :)

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Morning Steven, 


Great to have you on the forum and thanks for all the info above. 
To be honest getting into the property investing game when you don't have the capital yet isn't a bad idea at all. If you can spend the time educating yourself through books, podcasts as well as attending and networking with other investors will put you in a great place when your own investing comes to fruition. 


I've read a bunch of books on investing in property. Below are my 3 go to books I recommend to everyone. 


If you need anything else, just ask. 





Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 11.32.33.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 11.32.46.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 11.33.06.png



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Hey Phil, 

Thank you for the book recommendations. I'm planning to go to the propertyhub meet up in Leicester 

But am slightly nervous that is be out of place as I'm very new to this all. 

Would it be worth to read books and educate myself slightly before going to meet ups?

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@stephenmar you are more than welcome with regards the books. 


Definitely, head to the meetups. I went to them before I was an investor and I found the people to be really down to earth and friendly. Also, I managed to pick up tips and tricks and even a good recommendation about mortgage brokers when it did come time to invest. 


If going to the meetups puts you very slightly outside of your comfort zone, then that's another reason to go. Property investing tends to eventually one way or the other test your comfort zones after all any property investment is working with big sums of money. So getting used to assessing and pushing through fears is a good idea and pushing through this one, even if small, is another small step towards being a property investor. 


I hope that's not too preachy, it's just how I view things (apologies if I've got that wrong) 











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Hi Stephen, 


Interesting reading your post, I'm 21, from the West Midlands, been saving for a few years now and really got interested in property (it's always been in the back of my mind) about 6-12 months ago, so other than a few books, magazines and a lot of Homes under the Hammer repeats, not a huge lot different to you!


While I can't offer much either, if you have any questions or would like to compare strategies/ideas or discuss your plans with someone similar, just drop me a PM and I'll do my best.


Also, thanks to Phil for the book recommendations, already have Robs (the audiobooks very good for a beginner) but I'll definetly be looking into the others. Phil Spencers looks interesting.





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