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Hi everyone.


I am keen to get started in my investing career.


Before I begin purchasing investments for myself, I am aiming to source deals for other investors. I would like to know more about property sourcing as I am very much a beginner.


A few things I would like to know include:


- What information should I gather from potential investors? i.e. areas they are interested in, types of houses/flats, number of bedrooms, strategy.

- What do I need to budget for?

- How to avoid being cut out as the middle man when the investment opportunity has been passed on to the investor?

- Should I seek professional advice regarding sourcing as an individual or as a company?

- What professionals am I required to use?


Thank you in advance


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If you're a sourcer, there are a legal requirements you need to follow. No idea what they are, as not something I do, but until you know that, don't try it.

And would I buy from you when you have no knowledge or experience? Sorry, but no. That said, everyone has to learn and if you don't have the money to buy yourself, it's a good way to get started. I'd look for a sourcing company and see if you can sell on deals through them - you'll make less money, but it's more than none.

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On 7/7/2018 at 10:20 AM, joncee18 said:

Sorry,jumping in here.

How do i find sourcing companies to sell deals on to.?


I'd suggest googling it and then get in touch with whatever comes up. I can think of some, but have no idea how good their service is, so don't want to advertise.

If you're thinking of a specific area, have a look at the relevant location thread on here as you often see people offering their services. They may see you as a threat, but if you're going to do all the work and they get a commission on top, it would sound like a reasonable business plan, as long as they've got enough buyers.


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Thanks guys,

I have tried some other forums and found a load of scammers and tyre kickers.

Basically trying to get the deal for nothing.

Wasting my time trying to sort them out

So I thought pass a deal to a sourcing company and split the fee.

Maybe get more deals done

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