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Tower Hamlets Council lead the way with fining rogue letting and managing agents.

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Tower Hamlets council today were the first borough in London to enforce the new crackdown on rogue landlords, letting and managing agents. 

Leading the way, Tower Hamlet's issued 27 fines to landlords and lettings agents ranging from £1000 - £10,000. 

This is all done under an initiative to crack down on agents and landlords that tarnish the reputation of the industry and make tenants lives a misery by not sticking to the laws that protect private renters. 


Do you think Fining landlords and letting agents will make the industry better?



Original article: http://www.arla.co.uk/news/july-2018/tower-hamlets-council-leads-the-way-for-enforcement-against-rogues/



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I'm not sure that is ture. Letting agents are making their money through letting good properties, I would say that some are over charging for some minor services but if you have a good agent and do your due diligence a lot are very reliable. 

I would say that the bad agents, landlords or management companies already knew the risks of giving bad service for example loosing customers but they did it anyway in order to make a quick buck. I hope with the fines they will either change their ways (doubtedly), simply think 'this will never happen to me' or find a new way to make their quick money (hopefully out of the property industry).

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Letting Agencies are having a tough time as they can no longer charge fees to tenants and landlords. There's a lot of poor letting agents out there, and they're finding it difficult to survive. 

In terms of fining agents and landlords, it probably will make the industry better. There's a minority of rogues landlords that give all of us a bad name. It's these landlords that get amplified in the media. 


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