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Birmingham and surrounds - Any advice on good areas for investment?

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Hi fellow Hubbers :)


My partner and I are looking at investing in Birmingham and surrounds and was wondering if anyone can help on the better areas to invest in?


We have only thus far invested in Sheffield and do not know the Midlands very well. We are looking to do a flip potentially, minor works though as it would be our first, or just a simple buy to let if it presents itself. Probably in the £60K - £90K region cash wise. Also happy to invest in towns where the 'ripple effect' has not yet taken hold!


I am open to areas in and around Birmingham up to 1 hour away, we stay in London and would want to come up on weekends.


Thanks in advance and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards, 


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Hi Alex,


My girlfriend and are also looking at Birmingham at the moment. We have seen what seem to be some good options in the city centre, however are keen to know more about the wider city and surrounding areas. We are planning our first trip up over the coming weekends to start to get to know the area. If we find out anything interesting we will share it, in the meantime we look forward to hearing any advice from others out there who know the area already in response to your question!


Thanks in advance!


David & Nikki


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