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Hi ! New member, Sunderland NE

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Hi There, 


Just happened across this forum when doing some research into an upcoming development I am planning, and looks like it is full of a wealth of infomation.


A little about me, I currently have 2 BTL's which were bought as long term invesments, and in the past year completed a renovation and re-sell with F-I-L who has a reasonable sized portfolio.


My job see's me overseas a lot, which I  im now tired with so looking to persue some projects that will generate shorter term capital gain, with the view to being able to move away from my full time job. 


The current project I am planning with my father in law, is a commercial (office building) to 5 residential units, which is quite a bit different to anything we have done previously so will be looking for more information regarding the best way to finance and some information regarding some renovation techniques.


I would also be interested in hearing from any members local to me for networking.






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Good afternoon David, 


Great to have you on the forum and Sunderland holds a special place in my heart, as it's where my entire family comes from, so we're already off to winner!


You've already got a good start with the 2 BTL you already own and I'm sure they have given you a good background in property, so moving into commercial to residential is now the bigger/ expanding your comfort zone experience you want. 


We don't currently run a Sunderland meetup, but we do have one in Newcastle that you can go to, network with like-minded people and build your network of contacts further. 

You can find a full list of all our meetups here: https://www.thepropertyhub.net/events/


I looking forward to hearing more about your commercial to residential conversations in the future. Do you have a progress journal? You can read more and set one up for yourself here: https://thepropertyhub.net/forum/forum/15-progress-journals/







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