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Its amazing how much negativity there is at the moment amongst existing and long standing BTL investors (for negativity see propertytribes.com:) ) ..... I understand that tax changes have slimmed margins down. However the capital gains that most people have made and will make in the next few years if they have bought well and invested in their properties make it a lucrative market to be involved in.


The property market has some way to go until it reaches the peak in this economic cycle.... London/South is dipping now for sure , however,  huge infrastructure investment HS2/Cross Rail etc, strong demand from generation rent and access to cheap borrowing (even with 0.25% rise) means it is still a time to buy and invest in those areas that are seeing 5-8% year on year growth in the UK (if you don't where these places are that is your problem right there). As with any investment or business, success is about making strategic decisions and having both a  growth plan and then an exit route for when the market does inevitably change over the next 5 years or so.


So lets stay optimistic and be smart by focusing on creating quality places for people to live in where they can get work (outside of London/South) you will not go far wrong in the next few years.

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