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Techniques for flipping: Complete newbies advice.

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My girlfriend and I (Kirsti and Sam) have been to a sales seminar about making money from property and with a bit of research have decided not to go on their training course/sales pitch. 

We have however decided that we want to get into property investment for our future and to become financially free (hopefully), we have together done up a house already and have some equity in it and we enjoy the renovation side of things. 


Looking into some strategies we think starting off with a flip or 2 to build up our cash is the way we would like to go before getting our portfolio of properties really going, is there advice anyone could offer on the best way to get started or techniques for flipping or just general property investment as a whole. 


Forgot to mention we are in the Southampton area for work so ideally staying in that area would be best. 


We look forward to hearing from you 


Many thanks 


Kirsti and Sam 

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Good afternoon Kirsti and Sam, 


Great to have you on the forum and thanks for all the info above. It's always easier giving advice etc when you know where people are starting from and where they are aiming to end up.


Southampton is a good area to be starting off from and looking to flip or start investing. You can still get properties at a reasonable price and the area has a university etc. So rental demand would make it work. 


I look forward to hearing more from your story, have you thought about putting a progress journal together? you can see other progress journals here: https://thepropertyhub.net/forum/forum/15-progress-journals/







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