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I’m hoping someone can help me. 


My my wife and I are buying a second home - a flat in London. My wife works 3 days in london, 2 days at home.


She wants to use the flat for 2 nights a week, every week. We intend to do AirBNB let’s for the remaining days.


My question: can we achieve this through an SPV ltd company? 


Specifically, are there mortgage products that allow the mortgage to “holiday let/short term let” and use it regularly for themselves? (Tipton BS just launched such a product but they don’t lend to ltd companies).


Are there issues with the limited company allowing directors to reside? Can it be free or would a charge have to be made? Tax issues associated with this?


We are also about to embark on becoming a landlord ourselves and are looking to purchase a number of properties through an SPV ltd company. 


Please note: We are aware of the 90 day holiday let restriction in London, and also the caveats to ensuring landlord consent to sub let on this basis.


with thanks in advance. 

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