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Tree has fallen and damaged tenants contents

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Hi, some advice please. A tree in the back garden of a single let property has split and fallen and damaged the tenants contents inc kids trampoline, swingset, and paddling pool. Luckily no damage to house and thank god no-one was hurt.


Issues to address:

i have half a tree that needs to be cut down.

half a tree that needs to be dispossed of.

tenants personal belongings damaged.


now im guessing im liable for the tree to be cut down and the removal of what has fallen.


but the tenants contents are they covered by my buildings insurance? Is the tree falling covered by buildings insurance? Is this entire thing covered inc costs of tree removal and replacement of tenants possessions?


ultimately its an act of god that being a tree should be covered under buildings insurance and the tree having damaged possessions should cover that also.


thanks for any advice


Scott Child

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