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Question: Student Developments owned by the university...

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Hi there,


I am currently investing in the Teesside area and have a couple of student BTL's close to Teesside University. 


My question is this...


There is a proposed student village that looks to go ahead in January 2020 that will include a huge accommodation increase of quality student houses/flats. Can developments like this owned by the university drastically effect the stock of privately owned student accommodation? Has there been any previous cases of this from other small university towns where this has happened and what were the effects?

My guess is that it will mean a lot of the poor stock of student housing in the area will lose out and the best stock will be the first in line to get the students with potentially landlords having to reduce rents. There will also be a contraction in the market i.e the further away the houses are from the uni, the less chance of renting out. 


Any advice and thoughts/opinions welcome!







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seen it in Birmingham where developers/university are building loads of purpose built flats in close proximity and some of the local area properties a bit further out are struggling to get students in. I am not sure that houses converted into student accommodation is the good investment it used to be - especially as you get further away from the university

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