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Hi Everyone


Long time reader but first time poster looking for advice about a potential career change.


Bit of background on me... currently working as a project manager for a consumer goods company and have 3 years project management experience in a business setting. In property terms I project managed my parent’s new build home and so far one project of my own; the extension and renovation of my current property which I’m in the process of flipping.


Fallen out of love with the 9-5 and want to take my property ambitions full time. Until I can build up the capital to generate enough rental income I’m looking to use my project management skills and help others with their projects. 


Target customers would be investors looking to refurb properties to flip, refinance or just add value who are perhaps time poor, based elsewhere or just don’t want the hassle of managing trades and projects but want the benefit of valuation gains.


Questions I’m looking for help on:


1- Is there a demand for such services?


2- Is my background and experience enough to be taken seriously?


3- what would a reasonable fee be for such services? I’ve seen % of total spend mentioned but that seems conflicting if a project manager is trying to limit the budget. 


Thanks for reading and appreciate any comments.

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Tough one - there is bound to be some people in the position you describe but my experience is most people who flip tend to be 'hands-on' so would project manage themselves and those time poor often go for a managed BTL approach. The other element is that i would expect the project manager to also know and find the right trades people so not sure what your skills are and in which part of the country etc. I suspect there is some demand but how you find that demand and stand-out is a more difficult question. Good that you are at least coming up with  a plan and doing your research. Hopefully others will different experiences will give you better feedback..

Ideally you want to find someone who is doing this already so maybe this forum will help in doing that

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