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To flip or BBR

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Hi hubbers!


Hoping that some of you may be able to give me some advice ideas about my next steps and strategy given my newbie status and the current lead up to Brexit. 


Current status

Own house

Full-time employment

No debts - other than mortgage on house

100K cash in savings and cash input from parents on a pay back scheme to be decided....


Ultimate goals

Within 5 years have a passive income of £1.5K while working full-time

Within 10 years have a passive income of £3K leading to full-time property developing career


Current strategy 

Buy and flip a house before April 1 2019 (purchase 60-70K, refurb 10-20K, sell 110-120K)

Buy and flip a second house before April 2020 (as above)

Both of these would be done out of Ltd company, registered as my main residence to avoid income tax

With profits place these in a Ltd company and start to build a BTL portfolio using the BBR strategy 

Keep building BTL portfolio until the 1.5K goal is reached then grow cash pot/pay a large chunk of loan back through flip or new build and then continue to reach 3K goal.



1. Do you guys feel that this is the best strategy given the current unknowns about Brexit? I took part in TPH survey and listened to the responses and I agree with the majority that not much will happen and to continue with my current plan. That said, if property prices were to dive over the next few years then my strategy clearly does not work

2. I was thinking that an alternative strategy would be to use the 100K for deposits on 4 houses and refurb using bridging finance then refinance and let these. The money out I would then use to pay loans, before seeing how the finances and outlook is and then and make my next move, new build/HMO/flip. But again if prices were to drop my refinancing could be limited 

3. What strategies or cover are you putting in for Brexit at present? 


As always I really appreciate all your help and advice.




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Hi Mike, 


Nice plan you have set up there. The big thing is you have plenty of cash to put into this, keeping the requirement for borrowing reduced. Too many people over stretch and then capitulate!


If you would like to take my humble suggestions/comments they are below for you:
1. Your original plan is much more secure for me. Doing one at a time reduces the risk you have. If you go and spread that £100k immediately and issues come up in one (or worse, more) of the properties, your cash has gone!
2. Referring to your comment on property prices crashing, also backs up the above. If they dive and you only have one/two projects on the go, you stand to lose less (worst case scenario)

3. Auction would be a good place to start on the property hunt. Go to a few before starting trying to bid. be aware for the people looking to buy their forever home!
4. You'll need experience in single lets/small multi lets before HMO's are feasible. Lenders look for people who have experience before considering them.

5. Bridging finance would be a good tool, but can be pricey (saying that as a lender too!). Make sure you have a good broker who can arrange your exits form them though!


Best of luck!



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Hi Mike,

Sounds like you have a great plan and know what you want to do!

I think to answer your questions you need to think about what is best for you as well. There will always be uncertainty with Brexit no matter what you do. Do what is best for yourself, as you can always change your plan later on if you want.

I hope this helps.

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