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Does anyone know if there are any property accumulation spreadsheets out there?


I'm currently looking into trying to free up some equity from my residential property to use as deposits for some buy to lets. I wanted a spread sheet that would enable me to formulate a plan and a timescale to then help me buy more, as well as be able to show my wife, so I can explain the technique to her properly.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi There,


This is fairly easy... I would suggest you look at how much you can withdraw from your mortgage plus any current capital.


Then look at unit costs in the location you are looking at as this will be wildly different. i.e Unit costs in London versus bolton can be a world apart.


So then look at some potential properties and pull costs together to purchase factoring in all costs, 25% deposit, legals, Stamp, etc. then will give you a number. You can then see the delta between the two.


Or you may be able to move forward with multiple units.


Ideally you want to look at BMV so you can then look to recycle some of your money in the future.


alot of it depends on current capital available v the potential property v the deal (i.e. are you renovating to bring money out earlier etc). you can plan this at a high level making a few assumptions.


Hope this helps

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Hey Dan,

So you're looking for an equity appraisal spreadsheet, to confirm the potential to re-invest. This is fairly straight-forward if you're familiar with spreadsheets..?  If you're not so familiar with using spreadsheets then maybe I can help you, and with reasonable valuation of the properties in your portfolio. I do this kind of stuff 6 days a week, whether it's R2R, LPOA, BTL, BTF, BMV calcs, all of which strategies I'm using. If you're interested to chat further then let me know.

Good luck.


The Cardiff meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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