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Hi everyone,


I’m Rob and I’m based in Glasgow. I’m new to property and my interest was sparked last year when I bought my own house. I found a love for negotiation that I didn’t realise I had and managed to save myself 15 k below home report which I thought was good. I found it exciting so looked into property more.

I'm just married so most of my capital was spent on my wedding so now slowly building back up so I can invest myself. Meantime, I am looking at boosting my capital by helping other people and source deals. 

I’m interested to hear what people’s investment criteria tends to be? I’ve looked mostly at finding 15-20k below home report with potential returns of 10% annual cash flow. Have found a few and Scotland seems to still have good deals available but want to gauge a consensus for what people tend to look for so I then know what to go and find. Do most people want similar things?

Thanks guys! Rob

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