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Looking for your opinion!

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Hi all, 


I'am Ben 28 year old builder from Leeds. I've been in to property as long as I can remember And always wanted to develop property and rent them must have been all the grand designs and homes under the hammer I watched as a kid!! 

I'm looking for some opinions on what my next move should be as the time has come we need to move house to something bigger for are growing family. 


I bought my first 2 bed house that I payed 75,000 for and renovated for 25,000. I've just had it revalued at 140,000. 


So this Is my dilemma rent for the passive income as I could get 600 pm, plus the Morgage is payed off in 8 years.

Down side will have to put off moveing for another 6 months to save more deposit. 




sell the the property to free up funds for the move plus invest in other propertys and a possible opportunity to buy some land to develop. 


Meny thanks in advance to every one at property hub for all the amazing podcasts and advice.








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Hi Ben,

Interesting post.. some thoughts for you to consider.

1. keep the property, re-mortgage to BTL type, or with integral "consent to let", max out the equity release,

2. rent out current property to achieve regular income,

3. use the combined (saving & equity release) funds to secure & refurb (R2R or LPOA) a 6 or more bedroom mansion,

4. divide off 3-bed living accommodation for yourselves, rent out other bedrooms,

5. rebuild your fluid cash/capital,

6. rinse and repeat step 3.

7. build portfolio and capital in parallel.

8. have a fantastic holiday you would never have afforded by clinging to the rat race...

..just a thought !?


The Cardiff meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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