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Ongoing garden maintenance


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I’m a newbie landloard and just let my first BTL.  The property is let by a young family and both parents running their own independent businesses. They have been living in the property about 5 weeks now and seem to be looking after the house inside but have not cut the grass once since they moved in. I’ve supplied them with a brand new, good quality electric law mower.   


Garden is a very attractive space as it was landscaped and new turf was laid before they moved in. I believe it was one selling point for the family. Husband even noted how he is looking forward to cutting the grass during check in and inventory check up.  Alas, they have shown no interest in the garden maintenance since they moved in. Grass remains uncut, new shrubs are not being watered and drainages are filled with debris and leaves.  


I’ve made it very clear in my email communication that I expect the garden to maintained ie. grass cut regularly and shrubs watered. I have also talked about this with tenants in person since I realised that zero effort has gone into looking after outside of the property. I suggested that they’d get a gardener and they seemed open to that idea. 


Is there anything else I can do? I don’t particularly want to organise a gardener myself. Firstly, I’m unsure if I can do this as we don’t have a clause about gardener in our AST contract. However, the contract clearly states that a tenant is responsible for regular garden maintenance/cutting the lawn. Secondly, I feel it would be nightmare to manage as tenants would need to leave the side gate open for gardener to get in. If they don’t, gardener won’t be able to access the garden and this will upset the gardener in return.  I also don't want to be constantly asking about the state of the garden as I fear it will start feel like nagging. 


I do understand that it has been busy few weeks for my tenants. Moving house, working full time with a baby that does not sleep through the night. However, I’m keen to prevent any damage to the lawn/shrubs and ultimately avoid having any disputes at the end of the tenancy. 


Any good ideas much appreciated. 



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Frustrating but tricky to do anything about I'm afraid. Just mention it every time you do an inspection and warn them that there may be charges at the end of the tenancy if the garden is untidy.

Ultimately how they live in the property is up to them - you can only insist that when it is handed back to you it is up to scratch.

Fortunately, as we approach winter, less will need doing and hopefully next summer they will want to use the pace and keep it accordingly.

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