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Does a downstairs loo add value? (It would replace a larder)

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I live in a 1929 detached 4 bed house. ATM there is just one loo in the family bathroom, upstairs. 


Downstairs, under the stairs, we have a larder, which I love. However, this is partly because the kitchen isn't modern - I still have a scullery and breakfast room and 'gardener's toilet' too (you access it from the back garden, not inside. ATM I have washer driers in there). But these rooms are going to be knocked into one large modern kitchen with cupboard space.


So, would it then be a good idea to convert the larder to a loo? The larder backs onto nextdoor's drive. They have said we could join their sewage pipe? (No idea if this is a good idea or not atm - just that the offer is there). 




EDIT: I ought to have said, the plan is to sell the house within the next two years or so.

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Agree with Haf on this one. The current house i'm doing, i've added one in but couldn't convert the larder as all the services were in there. I therefor went to the trouble of cutting the double length garage in half and adding a utility and downstairs WC to the rear part.

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Thanks David. 


I've wondered about creating a utility room and kitchen when we knock the scullery, gardeners toilet and breakfast room into one. 


I'd love one, but I'm not sure if the compromise on the size of the (new) kitchen would make it attractive to buyers. :/ 



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Hi Mithril


I have done a similar refurb, although kitchens and bathrooms are a great selling point and creating more space. We created a utility room off of the kitchen and had a larder put in there. So this allowed space for a downstairs loo and cloak room.


I would spend where necessary and maintain an eye on your ROI with this. Please see Rob & Robs free courses where financials are covered. I found this useful when knowing whether I would make a solid profit (or Return on Investment).


I guess what I am saying is get the best out of your budget allowed for and refurb things that would add value. It sounds like a great family home, i'd get a few independent estate agents in and ask them what buyers are looking for and whether putting a downstairs loo would be a deal breaker. I doubt it but maybe other ideas will come out of it.


many thanks,



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