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Hi guys,
I'm looking for recommendations on what areas in and around Crewe would be good to invest in for a single/double buy to let?


Done some initial research and aware of the planned regeneration of the town centre shopping mall/cinema, as well as HS2 in 2027- however would really appreciate input from any of you that have 1st hand knowledge/ insight of Crewe.



Thanks in advance

Anthony Gosling
WG Estates | Property Investor

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Hi Goslingl12


I live in London, so not a local but have been a number of times and invested in a 3 bedder up there towards the town centre side. Based on conversations with agents and walking around the area, here's my thoughts:

  • Hungerford Rd side of town - terraces are catered to the HMO market as it was closer to the old Manchester Uni. However, that's due to close next year and I don't think a replacement has been approved yet. So expect those to be saturated after next year if a new occupier for the campus is found.
  • Ruskin Rd / Gainsborough Rd - more suited to families as it's close to the school, although some have been turned into HMOs now as it's not too far from the Bentley factory
  • Leighton - main employer is the hospital, so you'll get professionals renting but there's lots of flats in the area so quite competitive

Some of the areas to be cautious of are:

  • West St - slightly rough at the moment, but there are plans to regenerate it
  • Claughton estate

Hope that helps. Rob B's RMP has a new build development in Crewe as well. Any other queries, give us a shout. 

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Thanks Derek very helpful information- much appreciated!


I'm actually a Londoner too; have invested in Liverpool, and looking for another opportunity nearby around Cheshire. 


If you don't mind me asking, is your property set up as a HMO or a family home? Also, what's your experience been with managing the upkeep of a terraced house? I've heard they can be problematic and could be wise to do moderate refurbs before renting out. Was wondering how true that actually us...



Anthony Gosling
WG Estates | Property Investor

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