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Deed of Covenant? Subletting? £130 New tenant registration fees? Please help!

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Hi All!


So I hope someone can shed some light on this very new scenario that is being played out before my eyes.


I own a leasehold flat and the freehold was recently sold on and we have a new Property Management agency that we are paying service charges and ground rent to.


I just received a letter stating that I need permission from them to be subletting the property, and need to register my tenant for a fee of £130 and from what I can see another £65 each time they renew, which is every 6 months and thats even if nothing changes. As well as £130 for each new tenant in the future. This was not something charged by the previous freeholder/management agency so a little surprised by it.


Has this happened to anyone else and if so, is there anything that can be done about it?


Thanks in advance! Cheers


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Hi Alex, 


A far from ideal situation.


I have been working my way through all of the podcasts over the last few months and I am sure there was an episode/section of an episode which covered this exact issue. 


My memory seems to think you can tell them to go and whistle but I may be wrong so please try and dig it out yourself. 


Hope that can provide you with a starting point, 


All the best,




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Hi Alex


There's a couple of threads available here:


Property Hub - Greedy Freeholder | Sublet Fees | Episode 228

Property Hub - Episode 228 - about 6:20 in, Rob B talks about the £40 + VAT charge, and in the show notes there's a link to the sublet fees template.


Also, on the Tribes site, there's a similar thread - Permission to sublet that may assist.


Good luck! 

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Hi Paddy,


So yeah I went back to my original lease agreement and thankfully there was a section that stated that I could be charged no more than a reasonable fee of £40 plus VAT which is now what I am charged. Check your lease agreement, sounds like an odd way to charge!

All the best, Alex

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