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Fire regulations regarding soft furnishings

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I have bought a flat and already have a tenant lined up to move in. The previous owner left pretty much everything in the flat including a sofa, drapes/curtains and a double mattress. The new tenants have nothing so they would prefer if I could leave the stuff until the get their own. Im happy to leave plates cutlery, furntiture etc but what do I need to check for with soft furnishings? Ive looked at the sofa- and although in need of a clean, it has a label which says it complies to 1998 fire standards.

The curtains and mattress dont have any such labels. Am I ok to leave them in the flat or could that be dangerous?




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Hi Murray


If you're a member of the RLA, you can find info here - https://www.rla.org.uk/landlord/guides/fire_safety_for_furniture_and_furnishings.shtml


Otherwise, this site provides some details re: your query - http://www.thepropertylandlord.co.uk/furniture-fire-regulations-your-let-properties.html


Based on the above, curtains are okay, but you may want to replace the mattress (not only for fire safety, but how old is the mattress and what did the previous tenants do to it?) 

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Thanks for getting back. Im not a RLA member but ill have a look at the two links. I wouldnt want to keep the mattress tbh, as clean as it looks I dont think anyone would want to sleep on it! That's good about the curtains although to be fair they are pretty old and dusty so would ideally go but the tenant has not long moved here so anythigng is better than nothing at this stage

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