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graham c

Letting agent management fee discounts to expect as portfolio grows

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I'm looking to get a feel for the level of discount I should expect from a letting agent as the number of properties that they manage for me grows.


e.g If they charge 10%+VAT for my first property, what should I expect to negotiate as I get to:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10?


Also, if they are a larger company with multiple branches, do folk have experience discounts across the company rather than the branch?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Graham,

It seems as though your main concern is that you don't want to pay a high amount in fees to letting agents to disturb your profits. Is there a particular reason why you're only considering letting agents?

Have you considered working with management companies that don't charge fees? You would then eliminate the worry of having to give a chunk of your profits away. I know of a few landlords who also get guaranteed rent every month in the process.

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