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Homeless Thanks to landlord and estate agent

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Good Evening everyone,


I just wanted to share my experience as a tennant living in west London for the last two years.


Property number 1 we rented for 12 months. We had issues from day 1. We were informed the contract was incorrect as the address was in fact wrong. The estate agent said this was the only change so we immediately signed the new contact, only to discover the landlord had added that we had to use their choice of energy supplier and we could not change it and that we were not allowed bicycles on the premises. Quite crucial as we owned 4 bikes! We had an inspection after 3 months. We had sold a lot of our furniture as we were thinking about moving out and we also left a lot of our boxes still packed. This was deemed unacceptable living by the landlord and she insisted we change how were living in the flat. She suggested we buy a sofa and a dining table. 

We had issues with the locks on the main entrance and often came home to the door to the property open and the building was eventually  broken into and two of the three flats had possessions stolen. As a result the landlord installed fake cameras and added extra locks to the all doors on the property. All three flats requested actual security cameras. All tenants of the three flats stayed the 12 months of their contract and moved out with the common belief that we had a bad landlord. 


2 months prior to the end of our lease we began our property. We had a rental offer accepted and began going through referencing which was successful. A week went by with no word of a contract only to find out the landlord had made the decision to go with a private tenant. 


We searched again and found a new build property. Our offer was accepted, references passed and we signed a contract within 3 days, but the landlord did not sign. For two weeks we phoned the estate agent to ask if everything  was ok we even re viewed the property and were told everything is fine and informed the landlord would sign once back off holiday, but even after daily phone calls, many of which were dodged by the critcal people were unavalaible. less than 48 hours before we were supposed to get the keys we were informed by the estate agent that the properties were not going to be ready and they did not know when they would be. As we had already moved out of our previous property and had our belongings in storage we were now homeless! Not that this seemed a concern to the estate agent. 

The estate agent insists the landlord was impossible to get hold of and there was nothing they could do. Regardless of this I still believe they had a duty of care to ensure a tenant is not be put in a position to become homeless. 



13 months of renting in London and I've experienced 2 terrible estate agents and 3 landlords who's actions I believe to be unacceptable. 


I just wanted to share my experience as a tenant and remind my fellow landlords to just think how your actions might affect the lives of your tenants. 


Thanks for reading,






My wife and I are currently going through referencing for a third time for a property which is available 18/12. Wish us luck. 

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