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Mentor Required

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Hi Ed,

I would be happy to help you out if needed. I have properties myself and did a refurbishment with my wife, fully hands on. I work in construction as a project manager so i have experience of executing these types of jobs. Plus i have other professionals on tap, not necessarily in the Norwich area but they can provide guidance, especially with refurbs (they are builders/ property managers).

Let me know if thats of any interest!

Stevie - not sure if you are also looking but happy to assist if i can.



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Hi Ed 

Don’t hesitate to contact me about your personal property goals and how you want to structure your investments. I can provide anything from building works to financing/buying property. I’ve done 4 flips myself, started when I was 24 now 27. Fully qualified carpenter and a decent all rounder with plenty of contacts and 11 years of experience of being on the tools. Just give me a shout :) 

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Thank you all for your responses and offers of help.

I have been busy with a refurbishment of a property in Liverpool which should be completed in the next week or so.


Ben, Dean and Richard I am aiming to get around to contacting you individually in the next couple of weeks to see if there are any areas where it would be beneficial to work together.

Steve, hopefully this reply has updated you on my progress so far. 

Thanks again.


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Hi Ed,

i know initially you mentioned Norwich - of which i have zero property knowledge, however in your latest update you mentioned a project you where completing in Liverpool - of which i have been investing for 20 years,  if you have any questions, happy to lend an ear and give you my thoughts.


All the best



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