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Would you buy to let without viewing?

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I have been thinking of investing my money in Manchester but don't fancy the travel. My question to you all would be would have you ever purchased a buy to let (or anything) without physically seeing it? if Yes what did it take to make you feel easy doing it? If No, Why? 


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Yes, but it was the 2nd property I'd bought from a developer & the letting agent had seen it, so was able to confirm what I could see from the photos. 

Not sure I would do it for the 1st one from someone, especially if it was an area I wasn't familiar with.

If it's via an estate agent, you may find they won't accept the offer unless you've viewed it. There's always options like Viewber, providing you can give a list for them to check. If you're not familiar with the area, definitely worth asking on here, as there's big differences between bits of Manchester, depending on what you're looking for

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Yes, Dino is right i know of a couple of estate agents who arent fussy on accepting an offer with out a viewing. I have, in the past veiwed propertys for expats and investors down south in Liverpool and Manchaster, more in Liverpool which is my home town and i know the areas better than Manchester dispite me living in north Manchester for the last 10 years plus. I have 4 BTL one in Manchester and three in Liverpool so if you need any help on the veiwing give me a shout....!!!





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True story - a new client came to me in a panic. They had exchanged on a property and were hours away from completion. His solicitor asked if he had viewed the property and he said no. That was a question the lender wanted to know and as a result, they withdrew his mortgage offer.


I'm also a landlord and I wouldn't dream of making an investment without viewing the property and knowing the area at night. I have lots of clients who make a weekend of it. They see the agents and the properties, get to know the area and enjoy the Northern hospitality. Try it, we don't bite.

Regards Simon

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I agree with Simon, I'm actually planning to pop up to Liverpool myself at the end of the week. (I live in Norwich so its a fair trek!) After considering whether to visit or not I concluded its basically a tank of Fuel and a couple of £30 Travelodge rooms which is a fraction of the cost of a deposit on just one single let. I appreciate you can learn a lot from rightmove and streetview etc these days but I don't think you can beat going for a look unless you already know the area well and have someone you trust completely to view on your behalf.



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