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I have recently purchased my first hmo property. It was fully tenanted when I took it over. One of the rooms has become vacant and I need to prepare the tenancy agreement. Can I use the NLA tenancy agreement that they provide to their members? Or do I need to have a HMO specific agreement? I think I saw a hmo agreement available online to purchase.

I would really appreciate advice on this.

Also are there any inventory apps with photos that anyone could recommend?




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The National HMO Network www.nationalhmonetwork.com would be a good place to go hunting for decent advice on contracts.  From my recollection the HMO tenancy contracts are largely the same as a standard AST but there are some additional clauses that are needed because of the shared facilities and how to regulate the use of the public parts of the property.

The NLA also has sections in the library area regarding HMOs and these can be relied of for their accuracy and I have also found their phone hotline to be very helpful with a wide range of questions that I have asked - you do have to be a member but I think that so far this too has been value for money and tax deductible ;)

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