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Your strategy meeting

How can you prepare?

Your journey with Property Hub Invest starts with a strategy meeting. We’ve been developing and refining it over the last seven years, to make sure it gives you exactly what you need to get beyond “analysis paralysis” and start taking action.

If you walk through the door without doing any preparation, that’s totally fine – you’ll still get what you need out of the session. But if you want to prepare to make sure you extract all the value from our time together, there are some simple steps you can take…

You don’t need to prepare by making sure you’ve got your credit card with you – leave it at home! There’s nothing for you to buy at a strategy meeting.

1: Think about your goals
You can’t formulate a strategy without knowing what you’re trying to achieve. Most investors are very hazy about what they actually want to get out of property – and as a result, they invest pretty randomly. At best they fail to reach their potential, and at worst they make expensive mistakes.

Your Portfolio Manager will help you formulate clear goals, so don’t worry if everything is still fuzzy when you walk in! Any thinking you can do in advance, though, will help us to do a better job of helping you.

Start with “why”: identify the motivation behind investing in the first place, whether that’s security, a legacy, or something else. From there, move on to “what” and “when”: try to identify the monetary figure you’ll need to achieve your goal, and when you want to do it by.

Don’t worry about the “what”: we’ll help you with that!
2: Assess your inputs
You now know what you want the output of your strategy to be — but what inputs are you going to give it?

How much money you’ve got to invest is important, of course. But your time and knowledge are inputs too. Have a think about what skills you want to make use of, and how much time you can dedicate to your investments.

If you feel time-poor and you don’t have much property knowledge, don’t worry – that’s the position most people are in. Your Portfolio Manager will help you build a strategy that works with whatever inputs you have.
3: Read up on some core investment concepts
In the strategy meeting, your Account Manager will talk you through core concepts that underpin successful property investment.

If you walk through the door not knowing the first thing about property, that’s totally fine!
4: Get ready to think big
We’ll work with you to build your strategy, then build a model with you to project what future results you might be able to expect.

This is always the highlight of the meeting: you’ll be amazed by what a bit of effort and commitment now could mean for you years into the future.

We’ll help you tailor the assumptions in the model so you’re confident that you’re not being over-optimistic, and if you own any investment properties already we’ll build that into the model too.
5: Prepare to take action
We can help you build the strategy, and we can help to hold you accountable…but you’re the only person who can control whether you achieve your goals or not.

To make it as easy as possible, we’ll build you an “action list” of what you need to achieve in the next six months to stay on track. All you need to do is work your way through the list and get everything done – and we’ll always be on hand if you get stuck.

Yes, you’ll need to put in some work. But when you look back, you’ll be amazed by how much progress you’ve made in just six months – and it all started with your strategy meeting!
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