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Log into Fixflo to report an issue, see how to fix common issues yourself or see where we’re up to with a repair

One system for all your tenancy needs

Because we’re committed to resolving any issues quickly, we’ve rolled out Fixflo to all our tenants which speeds up the process of resolving any maintenance issues you might come across.

  • No more chasing or calls to find out what’s happening.
  • You can give us photos to help us understand the problem – and make sure that our contractors bring the right tools and equipment to fix your problem.
  • Get help and advice on common issues not covered by the tenancy agreement and how to fix them yourself.
  • Be kept informed as the work progresses.
  • Use the messaging system to keep us updated of any extra details.
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Emergencies must continue to be reported to us via telephone. Our emergency number for tenants is 020 3923 2551

For non-emergencies, our tenant line is 020 3095 3242.

Permitted tenant payments
  • Rent: Your regular payment to your landlord for the use of the property. Charges apply for late payments – an annual percentage rate of 3% above the Bank of England base rate to the amount of rent that remains unpaid at the end of that day.
  • A holding deposit of no more than one weeks’ rent: This is a payment made by you (the tenant) to a landlord or an agent acting on the landlord’s behalf, to reserve that property.
  • A refundable Tenancy Deposit of no more than six weeks’ rent
  • Payment in the event of a default: Landlords and letting agents may require you (the tenant) to make a payment in the event of a default (e.g requesting a replacement for a lost key). The amount charged cannot exceed the loss suffered by the landlord.
  • Charging to vary a tenancy: Where you (the tenant) have requested it, landlords and agents can charge to vary, assign or replace a tenancy. Such fees are capped at £50 unless the landlord can demonstrate that greater costs were incurred.
  • Payment on termination of a tenancy: Agents and landlords can require you (the tenant) to make a payment for an early termination of the tenancy agreement at your (the tenants’) request. The payment cannot exceed the loss suffered by the landlord or reasonable costs incurred by the letting agent.
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • ARLA PropertyMark

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