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Ask Rob & Rob #311
Published 16th November 2021

How do I calculate the ROI of a flat? PLUS: Are mortgage rates going to keep going up?

Today on Ask Rob & Rob they discuss how to calculate ROI for a flat, and what’s going to happen to mortgage rates.

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The Property Podcast #440
Published 19th August 2021

Real-life Monopoly: The lessons investors can learn

Monopoly is a classic, but it’s much more than just a game. The Robs reveal the important lessons you can take and apply to the real world of property investing.

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Ask Rob & Rob #294
Published 20th July 2021

Are we heading for higher interest rates? PLUS: Should I sell to my tenant?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob, we're discussing the possibility of higher interest rates and if you should sell your property to a tenant.

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The Property Podcast #431
Published 17th June 2021

Bitcoin v Property

This week The Robs are back for their second episode on Bitcoin vs property and determining which is the safest investment option.

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The Property Podcast #430
Published 10th June 2021

Bitcoin: What property investors need to know

This week The Robs are diverting away from property and discussing the hot topic that is Bitcoin. They’re dissecting what Bitcoin is and how it works.

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