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Ask Rob & Rob #359
Published 15th November 2022

Should I expand my portfolio? PLUS: Is this the peak?

If you’re expanding your property portfolio, is it ever smart to take on more debt to get the cash flow level you want? And is it smart to buy your first investment property if prices are peaking?

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The Property Podcast #500
Published 13th October 2022

Your questions answered… live!

They’ve done it! Rob & Rob have reached the 500th episode of The Property Podcast, and to celebrate they hosted a YouTube Live for listeners to ask any questions they wanted. Tune in to hear their answers.

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Ask Rob & Rob #354
Published 11th October 2022

Can I quit my job now? PLUS: Bad time for flips?

When you’re close to replacing your salary with your rental income, what is the sweet spot percentage wise? And is the current climate one that’s good for doing your first flip?

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Ask Rob & Rob #353
Published 4th October 2022

How do we prepare for a crash? PLUS: Do I need an emergency fund?

As we near the end of the 18-year property cycle, how should investors prepare for a crash? And how much of an emergency fund is necessary when building a portfolio? Tune in to find out.

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Ask Rob & Rob #310
Published 9th November 2021

Where should I put my cash while I save up? PLUS: How does QE actually get into the economy?

Today on Ask Rob & Rob the guys are discussing the best place to save your money, and how money made via quantitative easing makes it’s way back into the economy. .

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The Property Podcast #445
Published 23rd September 2021

How to pick the right place to invest (a step-by-step guide)

We’re taking it back to basics. People always ask us ‘where should I invest’, well today we’re sharing the step-by-step process to help you decide.

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The Property Podcast #443
Published 9th September 2021

Houses vs flats

Houses or flats, what makes for a better investment? It’s an age-old debate, but what’s the answer? Tune in to hear what Rob & Rob think.

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Ask Rob & Rob #300
Published 31st August 2021

Is it silly to get a buy-to-let while still living with my parents? PLUS: Should I invest in property or a private pension?

It’s time for another round of listener questions for Rob & Rob, and this week they’re answering some commonly asked ones. First up is Reese from Plymouth. Reese is currently living at home with her parents, but she’s ready to…

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The Property Podcast #413
Published 11th February 2021

Why Predictions Are Crap

This week on The Property Podcast we’re taking a look at predictions made by industry experts and seeing how right or wrong they were.

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Ask Rob & Rob #264
Published 1st December 2020

Does rental income or capital growth give the biggest gains? PLUS: What’s the minimum yield I should accept?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob we’re looking at where the biggest gains are: rental income or capital growth? We’re also talking about minimum yields.

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