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Ask Rob & Rob #345
Published 9th August 2022

Can I renegotiate this purchase? PLUS: Is it time to ditch my ISA?

Can you renegotiate a property's price after a survey shows thousands worth of damage? And is inflation eating away the benefits of an ISA? Find out today.

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Ask Rob & Rob #344
Published 2nd August 2022

Help! Higher mortgage rates are squeezing my margins PLUS: Is this the end of rent increases?

Are soaring interest rates going to squeeze buy-to-let profit margins? And will the removal of Section 21 stop rent increases? Tune in to find out.

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Ask Rob & Rob #343
Published 26th July 2022

Is it time for fixed-rates? PLUS: How do I increase the rent?

With increasing interest rates is now the time to switch to a fixed-rate mortgage? And how should you go about raising your rents? Tune in to find out!

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Ask Rob & Rob #341
Published 12th July 2022

What can I do with my savings? PLUS: Pay off the interest or the capital?

Should you leave your savings in the bank for the short term? And what’s best: an interest-only or repayment mortgage? Find out on Ask Rob & Rob!

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Ask Rob & Rob #323
Published 8th March 2022

How do you deal with anti-landlord views? PLUS: Will increasing interest rates squeeze my margins?

Today on Ask Rob & Rob we’re discussing how to handle negativity towards landlords and taking a closer look at how interest rates affect rental income.

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Ask Rob & Rob #322
Published 1st March 2022

Should I just give up and overpay? PLUS: Release equity or not?

Today on Ask Rob & Rob we’re discussing if overpaying has become the norm in this market and helping a listener decide if they should release equity or not.

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Ask Rob & Rob #321
Published 22nd February 2022

What does the property cycle mean for my mortgages? PLUS: How do I turn my refurbs into a business?

Should the 18-year property cycle affect what mortgage product you use and how can you turn refurbs into a business? Tune in to find out.

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Ask Rob & Rob #320
Published 15th February 2022

Sell my former home, or rent it out? PLUS: How do I get a mortgage for my refurb?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob we’re helping one listener decide what they should do with their former home and discussing refurb mortgage options.

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The Property Podcast #465
Published 10th February 2022

How to protect yourself against rate rises and more

This week on The Property Podcast we’ve got expert mortgage advice on the current market as Rob & Rob are joined by Kelly Rule.

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Ask Rob & Rob #316
Published 18th January 2022

Should I go ahead with this expensive mortgage? PLUS: How should I use the property cycle when refinancing?

Today on Ask Rob & Rob it’s all about mortgages. We’re discussing expensive products and how the property cycle can help you decide when to refinance.

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