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The Property Podcast #521
Published 9th March 2023

Mortgage Market Update

Rob & Rob catch up with mortgage expert Kelly Rule to hear her insights on the state of the mortgage market right now.

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Ask Rob & Rob #369
Published 28th February 2023

How do I get to the truth of market value? PLUS: I can’t remortgage!

Rob & Rob have another pair of listener questions to answer.

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Ask Rob & Rob #368
Published 21st February 2023

Do I have too many mortgages? PLUS: Help me with insurance

Rob & Rob are back to normal this week, answering two listener questions.

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Ask Rob & Rob #362
Published 10th January 2023

Should I pay down my mortgage? PLUS: What questions should I ask about this deal?

Is paying down your mortgage a smart move considering the current mortgage conditions? And if you’re buying your first off-plan property, what questions should you be asking?

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The Property Podcast #506
Published 24th November 2022

Mortgage Market Update November 2022

It’s the hottest topic of the day, so Rob & Rob are re-booting the Mortgage Market Update, where they chat with Kelly Rule, a mortgage expert, to find out the impact of all the latest news. They also cover the recent Budget for the first time.

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Ask Rob & Rob 352
Published 27th September 2022

ASK352: How long should I fix my mortgage for? PLUS: Interest-only on your own home?

This week, Ask Rob & Rob is all about mortgages. Sam from London wants to know how long she should be fixing her mortgage for, given the discussions about inflation. Should she fix for as long as possible or go…

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Published 22nd September 2022

Mortgage Market Update

Rob & Rob chat with an expert on the current state of the UK mortgage market, getting advice on rates, mortgage lengths, advisors and much more.

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Ask Rob & Rob #349
Published 6th September 2022

Help – my fixed rate is ending! PLUS: Is it a bad idea to rent to family?

What should you do when your fixed rate mortgage is ending? And is renting a property out to family ever a good idea? Find out on Ask Rob & Rob.

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Ask Rob & Rob #348
Published 30th August 2022

How much should I pay for this deal? PLUS: How do I structure this joint venture?

How much discount can you get in off-market deals? And what’s the best way to structure a joint venture property deal? Find out today on Ask Rob & Rob.

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Ask Rob & Rob #345
Published 9th August 2022

Can I renegotiate this purchase? PLUS: Is it time to ditch my ISA?

Can you renegotiate a property's price after a survey shows thousands worth of damage? And is inflation eating away the benefits of an ISA? Find out today.

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