Ask Rob & Rob #337
Published 14th June 2022

Will a recession affect property prices? PLUS: What do you need to know about Making Tax Digital?

Do house prices drop in a recession? An important question, because a UK recession is now ‘likely’. Also, Making Tax Digital for landlords – are you ready?

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The Property Podcast #423
Published 22nd April 2021

The Ltd Co tax changes you need to know

This week on The Property Podcast The Robs are taking a look at the Limited Company tax changes that you need to know about...

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Ask Rob & Rob #244
Published 14th July 2020

Does the Stamp Duty holiday apply to investors? What does it mean?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob, we’re talking about the recently announced stamp duty cut and what this means for property investors.

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Ask Rob & Rob #219
Published 21st January 2020

How does Multiple Dwelling Relief work? PLUS: How long do I have to sell my former home and claim a stamp duty refund?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob, the guys have got a stamp duty special! They’re talking about multiple dwelling relief and how to make a stamp duty claim...

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Ask Rob & Rob #184
Published 30th April 2019

Am I better sticking with my pension instead of property? PLUS: What does “commonhold” mean, and should I steer clear?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob, Rob D is flying solo and answering a question on a topic that they’ve never covered before! He’s discussing pensions and commonhold tenures.

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Ask Rob & Rob #144
Published 10th July 2018

Can I buy my home through a limited company? PLUS: Will my plan to avoid stamp duty work?

These investors have come up with schemes that they believe could cut their tax bills – but will they work? Take a listen to Rob & Rob's verdict...

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Ask Rob & Rob #122
Published 6th February 2018

Will I save tax by transferring a property to my wife? PLUS: Do limited companies get to offset inflation?

Transferring property to a spouse might get you a nice dinner or a break from putting the bins out, but will it save tax? We investigate this week!

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Ask Rob & Rob #121
Published 30th January 2018

Why am I paying so much tax? PLUS: Does owning in a company avoid the stamp duty surcharge?

It's a question one or two people have probably asked themselves before, but is this particular investor paying more than she should?

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Ask Rob & Rob #120
Published 23rd January 2018

How do you move property into a limited company? PLUS: Do I need to pay the Stamp Duty surcharge?

Transferring properties you already own into a limited company is far from straightforward: listen to this episode to learn how it works.

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Ask Rob & Rob #119
Published 16th January 2018

How can you minimise tax when taking funds out of a company? PLUS: Will limited companies get a tax shock?

Many investors have turned to limited companies for their tax advantages, but there are drawbacks too. What can be done to minimise them? Listen to find out

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