13 surprising facts about the UK rental market… and a rant

We’ve waited four years for Rob D to rant and this is the episode where it finally happens.

This week’s topic takes information from an official government publication ‘The English Housing Survey’ which you can find here. We dig into the findings, and it seems to suggest that private landlords really aren’t doing that bad a job.

But hang on a minute, another perspective came out recently which, on the face of it, looks very different which was reported in Guardian as “Landlords are turfing people out of their homes without reason – and it’s completely legal” And here we have the fuel for Rob D’s very first rant in four years. You’ll have to listen to the podcast in full to listen to him go… 

And thanks to Damien for this week’s resource, which is a good one. It’s another look at the private rental market and gives you even more data than we’ve discussed already. Check this one out here.

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