2019’s property hotspots

This week we’re talking about our 2019 property hotspots. So if you’re planning to invest in property this year, this is the Property Podcast episode for you.

But first up, Rob & Rob start by sharing a really interesting article – click here to view. It’s been put together by Who Owns England and has uncovered that a shocking 15% of freehold land in England and Wales is unregistered. So if you’re wanting to find out who owns these pieces of land – it’s tough. Access denied. There’s no telling who the owner is.

There are some other really interesting insights too: press play and listen as Rob B talks you through them.

Our main topic this week is 2019 property hotspots. Rob & Rob have done their research and compiled this year’s location hit list. So if you’re planning to invest in buy-to-let property this year, grab a pen and paper and have a listen as The Robs walk you through the top locations you should be watching out for.

The Robs are also talking about Manchester city centre, the “ripple effect”, regeneration and of course, the 18-year property cycle.

Did we also mention that there’s a course on where Rob & Rob are investing in 2019 too?

It’s yet another jam-packed Property Podcast!

Hub Extra: Jot is our resource of the week – click here for more information. It’s a Chrome extension which allows you to replace the ‘new tab’ page for note taking. You can literally jot down your notes, goals… whatever takes your fancy. It’s a great resource, so give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

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