The Property Podcast #536

Mortgage Market Update

Hundreds of mortgage products being pulled off the market, shocking inflation figures and an increasing base rate. What’s happening in the mortgage market? 

  • (0:56) News story of the week 
  • (2:28) Exciting announcement  
  • (4:55) What’s going on with the mortgage market? 
  • (5:48) What’s the current state of the market and has this ever happened before? 
  • (6:17) What’s happening with the base rate/swap rates and how are lenders responding? 
  • (6:59) Do you see this period of volatility lasting much longer? 
  • (8:07) What kind of knock-on effect is this having? Are fewer people applying? 
  • (8:42) What should you be doing if your fix is coming to an end? 
  • (11:26) Is a 2-year fix the best option? 
  • (12:37) What are the good products right now and what kind of rates should people be looking at right now? 
  • (14:05) Are clients adamant on getting a lower-interest-rate product even though they have higher product fees? 
  • (14:55) Are off-plan and new builds easier to get finance on? 
  • (15:30) Are you expecting to see more attractive products to come to market soon? 
  • (16:49) What do you think will happen in the next 1-2 years? 
  • (17:53) Is diversification a part of your strategy? 
  • (19:40) Can you still operate in this market? 
  • (20:50) The importance of using a broker 
  • (22:59) Hub Extra 

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