Should I be worried about my off-plan purchase? PLUS: Is it crazy to buy a HMO as my first investment?

On this week’s ask Rob & Rob we’ve got two very good questions that will definitely apply to you no matter where you are in your buy-to-let property investment journey.

Our first question comes from Spencer in Bath. Spencer is wanting to know if he should keep his off-plan purchase or get rid of it. Due to the build being severely delayed and his 30% deposit not being protected, a few concerns have been raised.

Rob B gives some insight on the potential reasons why a build might be delayed and offers some lessons to be learned for all investors, not just ones in similar situations.

He also demonstrates how off-plan property has the potential to be the most profitable type of investment. You can learn more about off-plan property on our course over at Property Hub University.

The second question comes from Adam who’s a new investor and has decided that yield is the most important factor to him. He’s wanting to know if a HMO for a first time investment purchase is a good idea.

So is a HMO as a first investment a good choice? Or should Adam stick to a single investment option and play it safe, sticking to the normal strategy?

Tune in to find out what advice Rob D has to offer…


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