What’s the catch with student pods

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What’s the catch with student pods?

Rob D starts by trying to focus on the positives, and acknowledges that the propositions offered can look attractive if all ends up as promised by the developers. The key, however, is trying to figure out if things will work out as advertised! So for this reason it’s absolutely key to look at the previous projects of the developer and see if their history backs up their claims. Do your research and a lot of Googling if you’re considering investing in student pods.

Rob B is straight up against student pods as he feels they’re weighted heavily in favour of the people selling the product as opposed to those owning the product. He suggests that many of the claims made by the developers are greatly exaggerated at best. He also makes a very important point in saying that the mortgageability on student pods is pretty much non-existent, and the market if you want to sell is extremely limited.

Rob B finalises his thoughts on this one by saying he’d never buy one and he would never offer them to RMP customers – so no sitting on the fence here!

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