Is it a good idea to buy in multiple different areas?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob, Anika asks Rob & Rob…

Is it a good idea to buy in multiple different areas?

Rob B starts by reminding you that what may be right for one person, won’t necessarily be right for another. There will be pros and cons to each approach and there’s no absolutely ‘right’ answer for everyone. However, whilst there is definitely an advantage in being a ‘local expert’ it is unlikely that your local area will consistently be a smart place to invest, which is why Rob & Rob invest all over the UK in places they consider to have good fundamentals. Rob allocates a lot of his time to research, and considers it to be lower risk to invest in different locations.

Rob D agrees, it’s definitely lower risk to invest in different areas IF you do good research to avoid making any mistakes. Rob D also adds a note of caution for this weeks caller, who had stated she had received lots of BMV deals and reminds everyone to check out these deals really thoroughly before going ahead, and be super diligent with your fact-checking.

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