Brutal truths about property that no-one else will tell you

The Robs aren’t holding back on this week’s Property Podcast. They’re telling you the brutal truths about property investment that you won’t hear from anyone else.

That’s right, they’re dropping some truth bombs and showing you how slick marketing can lead you astray [sorry marketers!]. You’ll also learn about the (many) things that can go wrong and the (many) frustrations that come with being a property investor.

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom.

When starting out on your property investment journey, you’ll only ever hear about the positives and how much money you can make from property. You know the type – the “get rich quick” type.

But many of these businesses are only in the property game to make money. They’ll tell you about the results, but not the process and where things can go wrong.

90% of the time, Rob & Rob have nothing but positive things to say about property investment, but it’s also important to be realistic and talk about the things that can, and more than likely will go wrong.

Property can be a bumpy ride. Having a goal and a clear strategy in place will stop you from making a fair few mistakes. And if you don’t know where to start with this, you can take us up on a free goals call where you can have a chat with a member of our Invest team and become a bit clearer on what your goals are and how to execute them. For free.

You can also take our free goals course on the Property Hub University in the meantime.

So buckle up, and tune in to listen to the property truths Rob & Rob are dishing out. Trust us, you won’t get this type of honesty from many others in the property investment industry.

And if you’ve experienced any of the issues mentioned today, or you’ve been in a situation we’ve not covered, we want to hear about it. Or maybe you’ve been in a sticky situation and managed to get yourself out, we want to know how you did it – make sure you get in touch.

Our news story this week comes from Property Investor Today which is looking at the ‘Best UK university towns and cities for property investment’. They’ve ranked them based on yield and capital growth, so no surprise that Oxford and Cambridge were at the bottom.

But the location at the top spot came as a surprise – The Robs haven’t really spoken about this city much. Newcastle didn’t make The Robs’ hotspot list this year, but it’s certainly a location to watch in the years to come.


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