Build To Rent: The biggest competitor you didn’t know you had

Last week Rob & Rob were joined on the Property Podcast by Build To Rent expert, Richard Berridge. Well, he’s back again this week for a second episode on the new craze that is Build To Rent.

In last week’s episode, The Robs covered what Build To Rent actually is, and this week they’re discussing why it matters for you and what the future of Build To Rent might look like.

Here’s some of what you can expect The Robs and Richard to cover in today’s episode:

  • What will Build To Rent look like in 10 years time?
  • What’s going to slow it down?
  • How will Build To Rent properties react to market cycles?
  • What marks an area as suitable or unsuitable for Build To Rent?

There’s plenty more to be covered in this week’s episode too.

So, should you be afraid or optimistic about Build To Rent?

You should have a clearer picture after this episode. So tune in to listen.


This week’s news story is possibly one of Rob B’s favourite headlines, ‘Welcome to Manc-hattan: how the city sold its soul for luxury skyscrapers’. It comes from The Guardian, and whilst the headline is actually pretty clever, it’s not very complimentary to the city.

The article is talking about the ever-changing Manchester skyline and the number of skyscrapers that are appearing. They even touch on the homeless issue that we have here in Manchester.

If you ask us, we’re really struggling to see how the amount of investment and regeneration that’s currently being ploughed into the city centre is a bad thing. If anything, it allows the council to use the additional higher rate council tax payments to put into schemes around homelessness. But have a listen and let us know what you think via email or social media.


And for our Hub Extra this week, we’re bringing you another podcast. No, it’s not from Rob & Rob sadly, this one is called ‘Startup’ by a company called Gimlet. It’s been going for five years and sadly it is coming to an end.

The purpose of the podcast at the beginning was to document their process of starting their business. And now, the podcast has come full circle as they are ending their podcast due to the fact that they have been purchased – by none other than Spotify!

It’s really interesting to listen to how the deal came about, so it’s definitely well worth a listen. And while you’re there, why not subscribe to our podcast over on Spotify and be notified every week when our new episodes are released?


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