The buy-to-let towns you should be investing in

This week on The Property Podcast, Rob & Rob are unveiling the 5 buy-to-let property investment locations you should be keeping an eye on. The Robs have talked extensively about their buy-to-let hotspots of 2019, but where should property investors be looking outside the major cities?

Sit back and listen as The Robs talk us through their top 5 buy-to-let towns you should be investing in:

What’s not to like? Connectivity is unrivalled – there are direct trains from London (taking just 1 hour, 45 minutes), it’s also perfectly placed between Manchester and Liverpool. The motorway networks are also great.

Now, the town needs some work – but that’s what’s most exciting about this location. Listen as The Robs talk through the plans for Warrington and how you could take advantage of this.

They’re doing some interesting things in this town – they’re savvy enough to turn their weaknesses into strengths. There are many positives for Doncaster, such as the road network, that have made this town ideal for logistics businesses which is bolstering the local economy. This is fast becoming a key buy-to-let town to watch in 2019.

This is actually a city that’s snuck its way onto the list but we couldn’t ignore the prospects this location has. The Preston City Deal is set to transform this area: a £430 million investment will severely boost the economy and drive thousands of jobs here. Investment alone isn’t enough to drive Preston onto the list, so listen as The Robs talk us through some of the other reasons they’re so excited about this city. We’d say this is a very worthy contender if you’re scouting the top fundamental locations to invest in.

Not only is Wakefield one of the most accessible places in the UK, it’s benefitted from the ripple effect of Leeds. The local economy is worth £6.5 billion – a real powerhouse of an area – and it’s a commuter hotspot for those working in Leeds which really sweetens the appeal.

One word: transport. More trains go through Crewe than any other station in England, highlighting just how well-connected it is to other towns and cities in the north, as well as London.

Crewe is great now, but when the HS2 station arrives there, it’ll be a game-changer for this area – London alone will be reachable in under an hour. Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds will also be under an hour, which is incredible.

There are also many large-scale employers that have chosen Crewe as their homes, so listen as Rob & Rob talk through the several other reasons why this town deserves a place in their top 5 buy-to-let towns to invest in.

In the news this week, research shows that one buyer in six pulls out – is this more fuel for reforming the entire property buying process? We already know how bonkers the property buying process is in the UK, and this just demonstrates how broken the process actually is.

If you take a look at the reasons, you’ll understand the frustrations that most vendors go through – 24% was because the buyer couldn’t raise the funds! Have a read through the article and let us know what you think over on our social channels.

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