Can I use crowdfunding to speed up my investing? PLUS: Will this Rich Dad Poor Dad strategy work in the UK?

This week on Ask Rob & Rob, the guys are answering two very specific questions around strategies.

Our first caller this week is Jonathan who’s got a very interesting strategy that he’s looking for a bit of advice on.

He’s recently listened to another podcast where they discussed using crowdfunding, or more specifically, angel finance, to acquire the initial cash to invest in property.

If Jonathan was to follow this strategy he would be looking to buy properties below market value in cash, renovate them and then take out the cash that they had loaned to pay back the investors and keep the property for himself.

This is certainly a new one and has become a popular question recently. Do Rob & Rob think it’s a viable strategy?

The second question comes in from Rashid. He’s recently finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The author of the book, Robert T. Kiyosaki talks about a certain strategy that he has used to buy real estate in America.

So now Rashid is wanting to know if The Robs think this same strategy will work in the UK?

And if you missed it, not too long ago Rob & Rob dedicated a whole episode to Rich Dad Poor Dad, which you can listen to here.

What did they think about this specific strategy?

Tune in to find out.


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