How to come out stronger

Get ready… because Rob & Rob are about to change your life!

Seriously. Now is the prime time to be making improvements to better yourself. We’re living in strange times right now, but we can see this time as an opportunity to make dramatic differences to your life. 

You can come out of the coronavirus pandemic far stronger than you went into it. Here’s what we cover in today’s episode:

  1. Goal setting – we genuinely believe it can transform your life. Listen as Rob & Rob talk about how they use goals, both in person, and in their business. If there’s one action you take from today’s episode, let it be this one. There might be goals you’d set now, that would have been completely different to what you may have set at the start of the year because so much change has been forced on us. Here’s the episode Rob D refers to when talking about property megatrends. You can take the  goal setting course right here for free too


  1. Creating habits – habits are the things you can do every day to get you that one step closer to your goals. Now is the ideal to review your habits, see which ones you’d rather not have and see which new ones you want to create to support what you want to achieve. Listen as Rob D talks through forming new habits and how to make them stick. For inspiration and more details on how you can learn to habit stack, you can go and listen to Rob & Rob’s brain hacks episode right here. 


  1. Fitness – it’s become a huge thing right now. It’s massively helped Rob & Rob during lockdown. Many people have now transformed their old fitness habits and created new ways to work out, because they’ve had to during lockdown. And actually, it’s becoming apparent that people are preferring their new routines. 


  1. Mental health – there’s been a huge focus on mental health throughout lockdown. The media hasn’t helped the downward spiral in those struggling mentally, but we can all try our best to be more aware of how our mental health is being affected during these times. Rob B talks us through how he’s using meditation now more than ever, and how it’s helping him massively. 


  1. Education – We know a lot of you have been focusing on your education, because our website stats for our educational resources are breaking records. But could you be doing more? 


  1. Finances – A renewed focus on finances is never a bad thing. We’ve had a pandemic which has affected people negatively through job losses, but there’ll be others who have used this time to conserve cash through not commuting or spending unnecessarily. Rob & Rob have done a previous episode about personal finance which you can find here. You can’t be a property investor and have poor finances, so if you haven’t focused on this yet, you need to.


  1. Taking action – doing deals, or getting ready to do them. The market is incredibly strong right now. People are coming out of lockdown ready to invest. And if you’re not yet ready, at least start preparing yourself. Rob B delves into everything you should be doing NOW, so you can strike as soon as you’re ready. Find out why now isn’t the time to be sitting on the fence and why you shouldn’t let the media be your investment guide. Find out how others are taking action now, like Chris and his serviced accommodation in this episode. Or Natalie who’s refurbed multiple projects during the pandemic!

If you work on all of these things, you’ll become a more successful property investor. 

In the news this week, we’re talking about this article from The Express: Chancellor’s stamp duty holiday gives ‘surprising spike’ to home values. Prices are up 3.8% year-on-year according to the Halifax, which is a huge jump. It’s surprising because we still have the coronavirus, but also not surprising for reasons Rob & Rob will delve into on this month’s market update – which is only a few weeks away, so make sure you tune in.

This week’s Hub Extra is a quote from Dennis E. Adonis which is quite fitting with this episode. 

“Never restart a journey and use the same road that failed you before.”

Listen to find out why this quote resonates so well with Rob & Rob this week.

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