The beginner’s guide to commercial property: Part 1

Welcome to this week’s Property Podcast, which is a beginners guide to commercial property.

But before we dive in, we’re discussing the new stamp duty tax announcement which the government announced at this week’s Conservative party conference.

The Tories now want to tax overseas property investors between one and three percent on top of the existing stamp duty charges. And in a potential vote-winning move, they want the additional funds to go to the homeless.

Now, details are pretty limited in terms of how they intend on defining a ‘foreign investor’, and we’re not yet sure how this move will affect expats investing through a limited company. The Robs have some thoughts, so make sure you tune in this week to listen and send us a message on social to let us know what you think. You can read more about the story here.

This week’s property podcast is the beginners guide to commercial property.

It’s a hot topic, and we get many questions over on the forum asking what it is and what’s the best way to invest.

The Robs cover everything this week; from defining what commercial property is, to looking at how they’re ‘classed’. They also look at why many confuse commercial property with buying a residential property using a commercial mortgage.

There are also some surprising stats on the ownership of commercial property which Rob & Rob are sharing this week, and they delve into which is far more vulnerable to the economy – residential or commercial?

Lease lengths, void periods, valuations and future cash flows – it’s all covered on this episode. The podcast is jam packed full of all the commercial property basics that you need to know.

And once you’ve soaked up all this valuable information, Rob & Rob share the best places to get started with your purchase.

It’s a good one, so make sure you tune in.

This week’s Hub Extra resource is a great read called Planet Property

Written by Peter Bill who was the long-time Editor of the Estates Gazette, this book delves into commercial property in interesting detail and comes highly recommended.

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