The contrepreneur formula exposed: An interview with Mike Winnet

This is the podcast that most people and businesses in the property industry WON’T want you to hear.

As you know, we’re strong on education. We firmly believe that education is how you can arm yourself with the right information to make informed decisions.

We’re often asked for our thoughts on property investment courses that charge you to attend, and also what we think about the free courses that hook you in, only for the host to spend the entire event enticing you to part with your cash.

That’s why we’re joined today by Mike Winnet – who’s become somewhat obsessed with exposing these ‘Contrepreneurs’. If you haven’t seen Mike’s video on the Contrepreneur Formula Exposed – watch it here! (It’s also our Hub Extra pick for the second time, because it’s just too good not to watch it again!) And listen to the reason why this video was BANNED, and why it’s now reappeared!

Mike is an ex Sales Manager, and what started off as him marketing himself as a joke parody Business Guru on Linkedin – a ‘demotivational’ speaker – has quickly turned into a full on exposure of these so-called ‘financial gurus’ that we’ve all seen across the internet.

He’s not just making assumptions – he’s become a get-rich-quick ‘ad-clicker’ – he basically takes every course and buys everything they try selling to him. Every single thing he comes across that promises to get him rich quick, he’s trying and reporting his findings. He’s literally putting his money where his mouth is!

On today’s Property Podcast you’ll find out:

  • What prompted Mike to ‘out’ these businesses?
  • His thoughts on why these businesses are preying on vulnerable people.
  • The uncomfortable theatrics at these events and the manipulation of these environments.
  • Where the idea of the ‘Contrepreneur’ came from.
  • The magic formula: the back stories, the tactical pricing, the results – the lot!
  • The shaming tactics he’s had to sit through.

This is a must-listen for everyone. We want to believe we can achieve great things, but what these people do is pretend there’s a shortcut to getting there. There aren’t any secrets – it’s hard work to make a success of anything, not just property.

We’re not just stopping at this episode. Join us next week to find out what happened after Mike bought everything he was offered – is he now £6 million richer?

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