Coronavirus: Should I pull out of my deal? Is it crazy to buy right now?

The Robs are back again this week with more Coronavirus talk. As you know, the world is still a little bit of a mess at the moment and that’s left people feeling skeptical.

So, two questions that we’ve heard an awful lot over the past couple of weeks are ‘should I pull out of this deal?’ and ‘would I be stupid to invest right now?’

Well, this week Rob & Rob are going to clear things up on whether you should be walking away and avoiding investing in property right now.

The guys are going to be looking at three different scenarios:

  1. You’ve already exchanged on a property – should you complete on it?
  2. You’ve agreed the purchase of a property, but you haven’t exchanged yet
  3. You’ve been planning to invest and have been actively looking, so what should you do? Should you continue or put your plans on hold?

Chances are you probably fall into one of these categories, so this will be a cracking episode for you to listen to.


This week’s Hub Extra isn’t a specific tool or app, it’s more of a lifestyle improvement, and that’s an input audit.

The Robs find it useful to do this every now and again, but even more so at the moment. What information are you taking in at the minute? Have an audit of that. There’s a lot of negativity floating around right now and a lot of that might not even be true, but it certainly won’t be useful or helpful to you.

So just be careful of what information you’re taking in, especially with social media.


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