Don’t Get Emotional Over Property

It’s another week of The Property Podcast, and this week Rob & Rob are giving us the practical tips you need to become a better property investor.

Have you been emotional during property investing?

We’d place a bet on most of you feeling at least a little glimmer of emotion. It’s all absolutely normal – that’s what happens when you come across potential risks.

Luckily, The Robs have the tips and tricks to help you with this in today’s podcast episode.

Property investing isn’t always a glamorous ride. It can come with some poor decisions, risks and a lot of emotions! But Rob & Rob are here to manage your expectations and tell you some of the common risks that can rear their head throughout the property purchasing process.

Which stages can have risks?

  • Buying your property
  • Setting up your property
  • Owning
  • Selling your property

These are the main stages where risks can be driven by your emotions. By listening to this episode, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to find out where you can have a chat with yourself before sparking an emotional disaster!

Tune in to find out how you can prevent your emotions getting the best of you now!


We have a great news story to top this fantastic episode off…and of course it involves one of Rob’s favorite places!

In the news this week a huge new £2 billion project is underway in Liverpool called The Knowledge Quarter which will create a new district. But the impact it will have on the city will be amazing. This project has everyone behind it… including us.

Another project is finally on the way in Liverpool too.. Liverpool waters, a multi-million pound scheme which will transform Liverpool’s waterfront. This is nothing but good news for the city and will be great for the future.


And in other good news… Property Hub Live is now SOLD OUT! If you still hope to come, there’s a waiting list you can pop your name on, just in case any tickets become available… Don’t worry if you can’t attend, we’re planning another one for later in the year!


This week’s Hub Extra is a book recommended by Rob B. The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy. A beautiful book aimed at children, but it could benefit anyone and everyone. This week’s Hub Extra fits in well with the podcast as it’s about life lessons and emotions, an unusual recommendation from Rob & Rob, but they were so touched by it that it had to be shared.


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