Property Exit Strategies – A guide to cashing out

This week on The Property Podcast we’ve got a great episode for you. We’re talking about exit strategies.

Now you may be thinking, ‘why on earth would I want to think about getting out of property when I’m only just getting started?’.

Well, there’s actually a valid reason for thinking of the end goal and considering your options for when you’re ready to let go.

So on today’s episode, Rob & Rob are going to be talking about the following:


They’re the most basic, but not the easiest of strategies. You buy it for X amount, spend Y doing the property up and sell it for Z. More often than not, X+Y should be less than Z.

But what if it’s not? And what if you’re doing it on bridging finance or as part of a joint venture? Then what?

Rent-to-Rent/Serviced Accommodation

This is quite a popular strategy but more of a hands on one. You tend to rent for X amount, sublet it for Z amount and therefore Z should be more than X.

Sometimes you won’t be able to sublet the property, then what happens? What if there’s an issue with the property? Or, now you’ve built up enough cash for a deposit, how do you get out of your current situation?


And finally your plain vanilla buy-to-let strategy. By no means is it the most glamorous but it is the simplest. You’ll buy a property for X amount, spend Y amount on things like furnishings and then you’ll rent it out for Z.
Z/X+Y * 100 = Yield. Pretty simple and straightforward.

What happens if the property doesn’t rent, or you have massive unexpected expenses?

These are just some of the examples Rob & Rob cover on today’s podcast. Make sure you tune in and map out your exit route.


This week’s news story headline reads ‘markets predicting negative base rate as BoE keeps options open’. In previous weeks the Bank of England have voted to keep interest rates to a historic low of 0.1%!

If you thought that was crazy, read om. Because there’s the potential to go lower than that! For some reason it seems like the markets are expecting the base rates to go negative at some point in the next year. However the BoE don’t have any plans on doing it, but never say never.


This week’s Hub Extra is a tool that Rob & Rob both use to pick the right background music for them to work to. If you’re like them and you need a bit of a soundtrack to get you through something tedious you’ve been working on then maybe you should give Flow State a go.

It’s a daily email where they send you a link to a new artist where they’ve handpicked music that’s good for concentration. There’s a wide variety of music choices so you may be surprised.


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