Rob B’s first investment of 2018

This week Rob B is taking a look at his first and slightly unexpected property investment of the year.

But first, we start with a quick rundown of the latest property news, which is a report on the private rental sector done by university academics. Whilst many results were what we would have expected, there were some interesting findings, particularly around the arguments property investors and landlords have been making for quite some time.

Were they in favour of banning Section 21? And what do they think should be standardised across the property industry?

Click here to read the report.

Now, this week’s main event is a special one as Rob B shares a personal journey and takes a proper look at his first property investment this year.

In a city that’s the driving force behind the Northern Powerhouse initiative, this is not just any old investment in an ordinary building. You can see this skyscraper from pretty much every point in the city.

Rob B’s move to invest in this deal may surprise some listeners, as you’ll know that property development has been his sole focus so far this year, but listen to what made his head turn in this week’s show.

Was it the location of this property investment or the facilities that changed his mind? Or was it the fact that this is not just going to be the best property development in the city, but in the whole of the UK? At over 200 metres tall, it’s certainly going to be a corker.

He delves into reports of the city’s reported ‘over-development’ and shares his thoughts on whether he’s concerned about the property market or whether now is the right time to be taking stock of these opportunities.

Also, what due diligence did he do for this off-plan investment? How much cash did he put down and what are his expectations on the way this property investment deal will perform in the future?

And in Hub Extra, Rob & Rob have a book recommendation to share: Work Less, Make More by James Schramko.

Rob D gives us a very quick overview this week on the author’s enviable lifestyle and how he’s built it. If you’d like to see how you could earn more or do less, this is definitely one for your reading list.

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