How To Invest Over The Next 7 Years

Wouldn’t it be great to know what the future holds? Today’s episode of The Property Podcast is a very ambitious one. But we’re tackling it head on!

2020 is still fresh and new, but today Rob & Rob give the insights we need to make sure we have a successful 7 years ahead of us.

A few weeks ago, The Robs talked about how to make the most of the next decade. And this week, they’re squishing the decade and bringing that timeframe forward.

So what can you expect to learn from this podcast episode? Here’s just a few sneak peeks:

  • What are you doing now to position yourself for the future?
  • Where are we in the 18-year property cycle?
  • Why is 7 years really important?

Also, not to spoil you! But The Robs believe we’re entering a new phase of the 18-year cycle… so listen to find out what actions you need to take NOW!

Also in today’s episode, find out what’s caught our attention in the news this week?


The HS2 project seems to be getting the green light! Expensive, yes! But we can all agree the impact that it’ll have will be incredible. It’ll certainly impact the major cities immensely and improve connectivity throughout the country. We know it’s a case of love it or hate it, but it looks like it’s going ahead nevertheless.

Speaking of trains… Liverpool is finally getting a £500m investment for the railway services which is massively needed. But guess what? The trains will allow 50% more passengers. This is certainly an investment that will make a big difference to the city!


And in this week’s Hub Extra, we have a podcast recommendation from Tim Ferris.

Pre warning, it’s a 2-hour long podcast, but we promise it’s worth it! Tim Ferris has done an interview with Sam Zell, who’s a billionaire. Notably he created one of the biggest real estate investment trusts in the world. We love this podcast because he has so much perspective and he wants to share his knowledge.

It’s just a little podcast (besides this one) that we think could benefit investors! Not only do we just hear about Sam’s successes, he dives into talks of the future of markets and the role of interest rates, because they barely get talked about. This is a must listen to!


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